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Where do the best rugs come from?

Posted by Barney Edwards on

Persia, "The land that walks on Flowers"

When the kings, Queens and Aristocrats of Europe fell in love with Persian carpets, they called Persia ’The land that walks on flowers.' and this gave Persia a provenance envied by other manufacturers.

Oriental rugs were originally produced in Iran (Persia) Afghanistan, Kasmir, India, Turkey, Morocco, Pakistan as well as China. And were given the name of the country they originated from.
But over the years the term 'Persian Carpet' became a catch all phrase to describe Oriental carpets. Like using the term Hoover to describe vacuum cleaners.
Persian, Iranian rugs and most other Oriental rugs have a history so old much of it has been lost in the midst of time.
The first examples appeared around the 5th century. But the issue is not so much about which country the best rugs come from.  It’s more about what particular region in a country good rugs come from?
Good rugs feel soft and luxurious to the touch because they are made with with a high density of knots and a lot of quality wool and threads. And all countries produce top quality, as well as poor quality craftsmanship. Which makes some rugs a more valuable investment than others.
Like French wine, the area a rug is produced it gives the product it’s character and value. But one thing holds true, at the top level $10,000 invested in a good Persian rug today, could be worth $100,000 in 15 to 20 years. 
Probably a Persian rug makes the best investment, because  for centuries the artisans from Iran have been considered to be the original masters of one of the oldest craft traditions on earth. Dating back 2,500 years.
But having said that, there are countless beautiful examples of the craft from other countries and regions. And only passionate collectors are fully aware of the subtle differences. Good rugs are always an investment.
This picture is an example of a Persian Classic Rug.









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