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Do the images of the rugs on your site give a truthful picture of the rugs you have on offer?

We try to adjust all photographs to show the correct colours of our rugs.However colours may vary due to different monitors and settings computer to computer.

So please contact us on +44 (0) 772 387 6828 should you wish to talk rugs and colours! 

Do you have a store I can visit ?

No. We only sell online. And our service team is always ready to help. 

What does it mean if my rug gives off fluff ?

Some new rugs can shed some material until it’s worn in. This should go away after use and a couple of vacuums.

What do I need to know about the pile of a rug?

The thickness of  the pile varies according to the style of the rug.

Do I need to use under padding?

The thinner the rug the more it's a good idea. It adds cushioning. Keeps in the heat. And the rug will last longer too. 

My Rug has different tones of colour in it, is it a mistake?

It’s not a mistake. Nomadic people were moving all the time. So the dyes they mixed changed. 

Why are handmade rugs sometimes imperfect?

It's because they are hand made. It's regarded as adding value and character. A patina. It's usually found in the rugs of nomadic peoples. On the move all the time.


Do you have a catalogue ?

No. Our website is constantly updated. It’s an accurate catalogue of what’s available.

You can sign up for our newsletter to stay updated automatically.

 Is it possible to try out a rug in my space?

Unfortunately that’s not feasible. However, if you purchase one of our rugs and it doesn't suit you, then you can return it.  We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Provided it’s returned within 30 days without damage.


 Are financial transactions secure?

Financial transactions are extremely secure. All payments are made via encrypted connections protected against fraud. Payments are controlled manually for your safety and security.

 What methods of payment are acceptable?

Credit or debit card payments using 3 D secure on either Visa or Master Card.

What is 3D Secure?

It’s a security system developed by Visa and MasterCard.

Cardholders identify themselves using a ‘personal’ code.

This code can be purchased - online - from your bank.

The bank then takes responsibility for any fraud.

It’s often called Verified by Visa. Or a Master Card Secure Code.

Do you charge V.A.T.

Yes V.A.T. is charged at 20%. 


 How do I view my orders?

Orders can be viewed if you click on My Account.

Situated on the top right of the page.

If you log in with your e-mail and password, you can see up to the minute orders. As well as any prior orders. You can also track current shipments.

How do I cancel an order?

You send an e-mail to telling us which rug you would like to change.

Once we cancel the order we will confirm it with you.

Alternatively you can log into your account and cancel the order yourself.

 How can I change my order?

Send an e-mail to with details of the rug you’d prefer as a replacement.

  • FYI we only change orders that have not yet been dispatched.
  • Or that are still registered as a ‘Bank Transfer.’ Which means not as yet dispatched.
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